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"We've been enjoying pastured, organic broilers, stewing hens and eggs from Misty Meadows Farm for years. You really can taste and see the quality difference. For my family and small food business, Misty Meadows provides some of my favorite products."

-- Cuisine Claire

Pasture Raised Organic Chickens


We began raising our own chicken in 2005 years ago and have not purchased a factory farmed chicken since.His whole life Mark has been allergic to chicken and turkey. Years ago, he had allergy testing done and he  was highly allergic to poultry. We decided to try raising our own. Mark has never had a single allergic reaction to our chicken or turkey. We haven’t tested our birds to understand  what is different, but it just makes sense to us that by raising birds naturally with full access to sunshine, fresh air and grass will produce healthier meat.

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